TypeOnsite Course
PlaceSavoy Suites, 43 Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos
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Elocution and Spoken English Course

School of Elocution & Public Speaking (Spoken English)


any people lose clients and business opportunities because of language, pronunciation and cultural limitations.  A modern day professional cannot afford to be misinterpreted or take chances with these issues.  Our aim with this course therefore, is to guide participants to employ their voices as a positive vehicle to communicating success. Our high quality Elocution and English seminars are focussed at bringing the communication skills of our clients to a world-class level in a non-threatening and informal setting. Our faculty are fully certified to engage, encourage and enable participants to speak and write effectively.

We offer two tutor-led programmes – Elocution Stage 1 and Elocution Stage 2 both of which are specialised programmes that help to bring participants’ speaking ability to a superior level. The course adopts a fully practical and highly interactive approach to help participants speak with greater confidence and conviction and communicate more effectively in both business and social environments.

Participants are expected to carry out several exercises in and out of the class, and commit to long-term practice to move from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence.

The course provides participants with the opportunity to:

  • Develop their pronunciation skills
  • To adopt H where necessary and avoid saying it in front of vowels when it shouldn’t be pronounced
  • Differentiate between ‘th’ for words like them, father and ‘th’ for think, and faith
  • Learn English Phonetic spelling
  • Understand the concept of homophones
  • Appreciate the common pronunciation mistakes and avoid them
  • Learn syllables and Word Stress
  • Work on their accent through practice
  • Learn how to communicate with maximum impact and develop the confidence to speak before an audience.
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Course Cost

  • ₦55,000