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Develop the calm sophistication of a true professional
building world-class leaders for world-class businesses and nations
Improve your marketplace potential
People, Business and National
A non-stuffy, fresh and practical approach

ParkRoyal & Lagos Finishing School

Etiquette, Executive Coaching and Communication

ParkRoyal & Lagos Finishing School is a people, business and national development company. We are the leading provider of etiquette, ambassadorial, business and life skills programme in Africa.

We offer a non-stuffy, fresh and practical approach to people development, business development and national development. Our focus is to build world-class leaders who will build world-class businesses and nations


Our training is designed to have an immediate impact! We promise our training will create a stir!

Training Services

Business Consultancy

Our focus is to help our clients become the best companies in their industry, delivering best-in-practice and thought leadership.

Consultancy Services

Executive Coaching

Internationally certified career and life coaching experts of individuals and CEOs of national & multi-national.

Coaching Services

Etiquette & Cross-Cultural Consultancy

Consultation services for businesses, individuals and organisations on cross-cultural, etiquette and ambassadorial matters.



Originators of the trail-blazing online resource ‘EtiquetteBank.COM’ which has a reach of 158 countries.

Etiquette Bank Blog


More than 50 book clubs around the country with a target of 10,000 clubs over the next five years.


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Etiquette, Executive Coaching and Communication

Building world-class professionals and leaders

People, Business and National Development

Leadership & Management


Business Executives

Internationally certified career and life coaching experts of individuals, C-suite, CEOs of national multi-national companies.

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Learn basic life skills such as communication skills, presentation skills, how to work in a team, social etiquette and how to apply theories to life situations.

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A non-stuffy, fresh and practical approach to people, business and national development; world-class leaders who will build world-class businesses and nations.

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Why ParkRoyal & Lagos Finishing School?

Why choose Park Royal

ParkRoyal have the answers to the many questions in business

We offer a non-stuffy, practical approach to people development, business development and national development – no jargon and no unworkable theories.
We always deliver on time, we don’t do excuses.
Our courses are validated by the prestigious Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) UK.
We believe in what we are doing, so we work with unwavering passion.
We are positioning ourselves for the global market so it’s in our interest that we get our clients there too.
We are fast becoming the advisor of choice among top companies and organisations seeking to become global players in their businesses.
Our staff members and faculty have extensive local and international experience in a broad range of business.
Our clients are from a cross section of industries and organisations.
We are the only finishing school in Nigeria accredited by the Centre for Management Development (CMD).

About ParkRoyal

Become a certified Etiquette Trainer


Enrol in ParkRoyal & Lagos Finishing School Train the Trainer Programme certified by ILM UK

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Our Partners

FATE Foundation

FATE Foundation

Fostering wealth creation by promoting business and entrepreneurial development among Nigerians.

National Association for the Blind

Nigerian Association for the Blind

Promoting rights of blind and partially sighted persons through advocacy, capacity building and partnership.



Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network is a British approved awarding body offering programmes and qualifications to develop key skills and life skills.

ILM Partner

Institute of Leadership and Management (UK)

ILM creates leaders and develops managers through qualifications, training and cutting edge research.

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